import command for screenshots in linux

Screenshots: Every computer guy need it either you are normal computer user or developer.
There are many tools for screenshots but what about screenshots in linux.
If you use gnome as desktop manager then there is utility available for this gnome-screenshots.
In terminal type


if you little bit nerdy and linux guy then definitely you like terminal. There is a tool to capture screenshot directly from command line. This is the import command. This command is part of a tool called ImageMagick. Before using this command you should have this tool installed on your system. This tool is for image processing and work as back end for several applications.
You can install this tool via command line.

yum install ImageMagick.

For more detail you can see this link

import filename

As you type this command your mouse pointer converts into cross “X” mark and now you can select any region or any window to capture. If you want to capture any particular window then just select that window, or any region by selecting it.

you can specify different file extensions like(jpeg, png, gif etc) in which format you want to save your screenshot. If you didn’t specify any extension then by default it saves in poscript format.


5 thoughts on “import command for screenshots in linux

  1. Prachi says:

    How to use import command to take screenshot of whole screen which consists of three layers(Overlay,Midlay and Underlay)?

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