Save flash player video RTMP streaming with VLC player

Sometime you may want to save a video running in a flash player. If you join a online session or training you may want to save that video for later reference. Some of them are video streaming in a flash player. You may have tried Download Helper for Firefox and some other download helper available for google chrome. I have also tried these extension and these are really good and fast way to save any video from internet. But sometime these extensions may fail to save the video, Mostly if video running in flash player is a real time streaming. Some websites use Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) for secure sharing of videos.

If you want to save these kind of video you can do this with VLC player. But before going to save with vlc player you have to find out the source of that video. If you are using FIrefox then you can find the source with Firebug or if you using google chrome or safari then you can use native Developer tool available in these browsers.


1. Inspect the flash player with Firebug to find out the source url of that video. Source url of the video will not be easily available. You have to do little effort for that. When you inspect the flash player with firebug you will find the <object> tag as shown in screenshot below. This object tag will have several <param> tags. You will find the source of the video in one of param tag, mostly under <param name=”flashvars” copy that whole param tag and decode that with url decoder. You can save the html of that param tag by right click on that tag and copy html. Then you have to decode that tag with url decoder. You can use any of url decoder available online.

Voila_Capture 2014-09-30_11-30-44_pm

When you decode that url you will find the protocol, and the file name of that streaming.
like streamer=rtmp://hostname.com/somedir/path/
and file=somfilename.mp4

put together the streamer and file value to get the source url


2. Open Vlc player and Go to File >> Open Network. Paste the url you got in last step and click on Streaming/Saving to Enable saving. Click on Settings to set the saving path.

Voila_Capture 2014-09-30_11-45-45_pm

 3. Set the path where you want to save and click open to start streaming and as well as saving that streaming.

Voila_Capture 2014-09-30_11-47-14_pm

Thats it.


64 thoughts on “Save flash player video RTMP streaming with VLC player

  1. Charan says:

    Thank you soooo much mate. it is what i needed. Actually i purchased a course online but due to internet disconnect problems i need it offline. Your method save me… Nice and easy. Keep bloging

  2. shiraz says:

    Hi Dear,
    Safari 5.1.10

    After nearly a week browsing all over the web, Safari 5.1.10 Develop menu, activity monitor,…. could you please let me know how I can download on my mac-then playing with quicktime- the following video:

    I can’t find the video file (I mean large size file) to download on Safari activity monitor nor web inspector.
    I would highly appreciate your help.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    • Have you tried with “Video download helper” firefox extension? I was able to download the video you mentioned in comment using firefox. Follow the step:
      1. Install firefox.
      2. Install Video download helper extension http://www.downloadhelper.net/
      3. Restart firefox if required.
      4. Go to the above website and play the video.
      5. Download helper extension icon on toolbar should be highlighting.
      6. Click on download helper icon and it will show all the media file including the video file.

      I was able to download that video file using firefox. Let me know if you not able to download i can share that file with you over the dropbox.

  3. Shiraz says:

    Hi again Mutantmahesh,
    Thank you so much for your helpful tip.
    Sorry to say, I tried it but no success, very confusing for me!
    Could you please share your file, I just need to save it and playing on my mac native quicktime.
    Many thanks again for your help.

  4. Shiraz says:

    Hi Mutantmahesh,
    Thanks a lot for the link.
    Don’t play in quicktime but fine in VLC.
    Many thanks again for your help.
    Best wishes,

  5. Hello,

    I tried this method with a previous training class, and it was easy to find the rtmp video and save it. But with a newer class on the same site I saw this in the source:

    bitrates: [
    { url: ‘mp4:videos/ClassVideos/Nathan Fowkes/Designing with Color and Light/Lesson 1/part1-240.mp4’, bitrate: 350, width: 428 },
    { url: ‘mp4:videos/ClassVideos/Nathan Fowkes/Designing with Color and Light/Lesson 1/part1-480.mp4’, bitrate: 700, width: 854 },
    { url: ‘mp4:videos/ClassVideos/Nathan Fowkes/Designing with Color and Light/Lesson 1/part1.mp4’, bitrate: 1200, width: 1920, isDefault: true },

    Below the video files I saw this:
    plugins: {
    hddn: {
    url: ‘flow_player/flowplayer.rtmp-3.2.13.swf’,
    netConnectionUrl: “rtmp://teq.schoolism.com:1935/redirect/vod”,
    controls: {
    playlist: true
    bwcheck: {
    url: ‘flow_player/flowplayer.bwcheck-3.2.13.swf’,
    serverType: ‘wowza’,
    dynamic: true,
    netConnectionUrl: “rtmp://teq.schoolism.com:1935/redirect/vod”,

    I attempted to combine the code found in the plugins section between the (“) for netConnectionURL with the movie file found in the bit rates section. It looked like this:
    rtmp://teq.schoolism.com:1935/redirect/vod/mp4:videos/ClassVideos/Nathan Fowkes/Designing with Color and Light/Lesson 1/part1.mp4
    But I am not able to save the video. Is there something I’m missing or something I need to remove?

  6. Ruby Diansyah says:

    Hi, I need to download this video behind JWPlayer Stream. I find the url, and open VLC automatically , but I am unable to download the video. please help..

    Here the link :


    • I am able to download this video from the url you mentioned. Please check “Display the stream locally” if you want to see file at the same time when it is being downloaded and choose the “File” location where you want to save. See the screenshot in post.

  7. Ryan Luecke says:

    Thanks for the helpful tutorial! Do you know if it’s possible to save a stream in VLC that requires a security token if the token is known? I’ve tried appending various switches to the stream address, but nothing has been successful so far. Thank you!

    • Hi Ryan,
      Sorry i am not sure about whether it is possible to save live stream which require security token. I never tried that. You can try with some other plugins. Please share if you will be able to download stream with security token.

  8. YESSSS I just spent an hour figuring out that the video I wanted to download was hidden behind an RTMP server… and your post told me exactly how to get around it. Thanks.

  9. dlc89x@gmail.com says:

    Not working. It always says “Video can not be downloaded, probable cause is a video encryption or national restrictions” 😦
    I tried tons of programs….

  10. Mohammad Ali says:

    hi dude, i find this post helpful but in my case i have some problem, i try to find your email address to contact you for my problem but i cant so i decided to post here and hope you to answer, answer please 😦
    this is ulr that i trying to save the video in it,
    but i think u can just play it with an ip addresses from iran, however i test your instruction and that is the result:

    so in continue:
    but something is wrong here i cant save it with vlc, do u have any idea here?it’s so important to me
    thank dude

  11. ajikurniawan says:

    Hi Dear mutantmahesh
    Thank you so much for your helpful tip, I tried it but no success
    please help me to download video from this site https://www.zenius.net/c/1359/materi-teori
    i finded some advice from many links but fails, and i leave a comment on that blog but no one responses.
    i hope you can reply my problems, please
    i need it so badly
    (sorry my english bad)
    thank you for your time

    • Hi Ajikurniawan,
      I had a look at link you provided https://www.zenius.net/c/1359/materi-teori. I think this is not possible to download with the technique i explained in my blog. I tried with some Flash video downloader extension for Firefox but that also didn’t work. Try with some third party flash video downloader those can capture the video stream run by flash player. Please share here if you find some solution. Best of luck 🙂

  12. hi dear mutantmahesh
    fist thakyou for your tip, I tried it but no success
    please help to save this video from this site https://www.zenius.net/c/1359/materi-teori (Sifat Materi)
    i find some tip from another site (so many site), but doesn’t work, i tried leave some comment but no one response for my problem
    i look from your site and you reply those any comment, so nice and kind what i think
    i hope you can solve my problem, that means a lot for me
    Thank you for your time

  13. heini says:

    I have something very hard…

    it only gets me “flashvars” param with this value:

    sessionid=1211e784927329b75f7a643cc65bc74db1ea9063d0c471e09df445d150ac2c46&type=minogashiView&isgoodsbuy=1&withoutid=G2017076103SC000&isminogashibuy=1&istokusenbuy=0&buyurl=/buy/G2017076103SC000/index.html&opusinfo=[{"playparam":"G2008000000MC000,N201707610300000","tryparam":"","title":"探検バクモン","subtitle":"「かっぱ橋道具街 グルメの裏側・仕掛け人列伝」","synopsis":"飲食店で必要なものはすべてそろうプロ御用達エリア。専門道具に精通した4人の達人たちを直撃!食品サンプル作りのスゴ技、簡単にできる包丁研ぎ、箸が長もちする保管法!","image":"/material/opus/N201707610300000/img/N201707610300000_x.jpg","onairdate":"2017年2月22日(水)20時15分~放送"}]&siteid=P200800010900000&related=G2017075990SC000,G2017075921SC000,G2016075827SA000,G2017076038SC000,G2016074511SA000,G2017076019SC000,G2017076102SC000,,,&seriesflag=0&islogin=1&isfree=0&pricewithtax=108&resumetime=0004:19&issingle=0&serverdate=2017/02/23

    the content seems to be served through javascript with xml, its played in a swf container and behind seems to be a RTMP address with just some cryptic shit..

    do you know any tool how to get the rtmp address correct and download that?

  14. bertibruyn says:

    Valuable information. Thanks for the sharing. I’d also recommend Acethinker Video Downloader which I have used for many years. It is a free cloud based software to download stream videos.

  15. Sram says:

    Dear Sir, I have read your post it’s good . But i have already rtmps camera address like ( ) need to record live video from rtmps url stream in java or javascript code and save it in server. Please help me how can i do.. Thanks in advance.

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