About me

I am 27 year old Web Developer and Growing Designer, Cub photographer. I fall in love with Web during college life and took it seriously. 😛
I do code, i meditate, i laugh, i tweet, i watch movies, i click with mouse and camera. These days i am in love with pixels.
Here i write and share my personal experiences which i learn along the way to journey of life. Mostly i share the problem and solution which i encounter during my daily development work. I am giving my small contribution by following best practices of web development and supporting the vision to make the web a better place.

Skills: Drupal, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3
Hobby: Meditation, Cricket, Book reading, Photography


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Brother can you tell me which theme is it or how you cusomize your page it’s loking nice ,actually i am new to maintaining the blogs and newly using wordpress so if possible tell me the process.
    Regards :

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