Save flash player video RTMP streaming with VLC player

Sometime you may want to save a video running in a flash player. If you join a online session or training you may want to save that video for later reference. Some of them are video streaming in a flash player. You may have tried Download Helper for Firefox and some other download helper available for google chrome. I have also tried these extension and these are really good and fast way to save any video from internet. But sometime these extensions may fail to save the video, Mostly if video running in flash player is a real time streaming. Some websites use Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) for secure sharing of videos.

If you want to save these kind of video you can do this with VLC player. But before going to save with vlc player you have to find out the source of that video. If you are using FIrefox then you can find the source with Firebug or if you using google chrome or safari then you can use native Developer tool available in these browsers.


1. Inspect the flash player with Firebug to find out the source url of that video. Source url of the video will not be easily available. You have to do little effort for that. When you inspect the flash player with firebug you will find the <object> tag as shown in screenshot below. This object tag will have several <param> tags. You will find the source of the video in one of param tag, mostly under <param name=”flashvars” copy that whole param tag and decode that with url decoder. You can save the html of that param tag by right click on that tag and copy html. Then you have to decode that tag with url decoder. You can use any of url decoder available online.

Voila_Capture 2014-09-30_11-30-44_pm

When you decode that url you will find the protocol, and the file name of that streaming.
like streamer=rtmp://hostname.com/somedir/path/
and file=somfilename.mp4

put together the streamer and file value to get the source url


2. Open Vlc player and Go to File >> Open Network. Paste the url you got in last step and click on Streaming/Saving to Enable saving. Click on Settings to set the saving path.

Voila_Capture 2014-09-30_11-45-45_pm

 3. Set the path where you want to save and click open to start streaming and as well as saving that streaming.

Voila_Capture 2014-09-30_11-47-14_pm

Thats it.


Recursively extract all compressed files in a dir

Today i need to upload some tar.gz files to ftp server then i want to extract them. one way was to extract each file individually. Then i thought to write a simple shell script to extract them because i have ssh access to that server. So this is the simple script to extract all the tar.gz compressed files in a directory.

for user in $( ls *.tar.gz )
tar zxvf $user

if you have zip file then change the *.tar.gz to *.zip and tar zxvf to unzip. If you have tar.bz2 file change tar zxvf to tar jxvf